The House Of Conscious Fashion Brands

Our Beginnings.

Conscious designers, straight to your door.

Honesty. Ethics. Integrity. Sustainability.

Our story began with the understanding that the fashion industry needed to be disrupted. Conscious fashion needed to be brought to the forefront of our minds. Priest London is an online retailer presenting the finest edit in fashion from emerging and established designers who have a focus on social or environmental change.
Based in London, England, our hope is to combat fast fashion, by connecting customers with brands who share the same values of ethics, integrity and sustainability. At Priest London you can understand the impact these brands are leaving on our planet to help you choose better with the knowledge that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for ethics. Let’s slow fashion down by choosing quality pieces, produced in limited quantities, that stand the test of time and don’t end up in our landfills.
Each of the designers partnered with Priest London, have a focus on creating quality pieces that take into consideration our people and our planet. They do this either through producing limited quantities, ethical practices, fair trade and fair wage, sustainable production or responsible sourcing.
We’re doing our bit, to help you do your bit.

Priest London stands for honesty and transparency
to our customers and in everything we do.

Our Promise | Our Criteria.

In addition, we only work with brands that have a sustainable supply chain, and try to offset their environmental impact through methods such as low impact dyeing methods, using recycled or reclaimed materials, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, sourcing locally, providing recyclable packaging, having a social impact in their community or through charity work, producing quality products in limited quantities for longevity - avoiding products ending up in landfills, and providing fair wage and exceptional working standards.

Our first concern is you, the customer and our impact on the environment. We want Priest London to become synonymous with ethics, fairness and sustainability and we only want to work with brands who share the same values. That’s why if there is a brand we simply don’t believe in anymore, or our customers don’t believe in, we will remove them from Priest London. On every product page, you will see an “about the brand” section which details why we work with them.

Quality Over Quantity, Environment Over Sales, Slow Fashion over Fast ashion

We strongly believe that just because a fashion season is over, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your beloved pieces because it’s no longer “in style”. At Priest London, we want you to carry your bags, jewellery, sunglasses and more for generations to come.

We believe in this so strongly, that we work with brands that offer lifetime warranties because these pieces are meant to last a lifetime. We also only partner with brands that produce products in the USA and Europe where labour laws are established, meaning they are certified and follow strict environmental regulations. Outside of these countries, brands we work with empower women, or promote a specific cultural heritage.

Our Sustainability Criteria

1) Sustainable vegan materials or use of regenerative materials

2) Designers that create timeless, classic fashion using quality materials

3) Designers that stand for a social purpose or represent a charitable cause

4) Ethically made products with a transparent and sustainable supply chain

5) Designers that support fair trade and fair wages

As a female owned business, we understand the pressures there are of the fashion industry to keep up with and follow trends.
That's why we're here to provide timeless fashion that lasts for seasons to come. 

Making A Difference.

Giving Back with One Tree Planted

We strongly believe in ethical fashion and strive to educate our customers in their sustainable purchasing. But we understand the impact some products have on the environment. Creating leather requires vast quantities of water and wide spaces of pastureland, which must be cleared of trees. To help this problem in some way, Priest London are donating part of our sales to One Tree Planted. So for every product you purchase at Priest London, you’ll be helping to plant a tree, helping bring life back to communities or helping the green belt You can also choose to plant your own tree for $1 (or equivalent).
In addition, not only do Priest London donate 10%, but some of the brands we work with also offer charitable donations, meaning we double the impact.